Appraisal and consulting

The prerequisite to evaluating real estate is the well-founded knowledge, skills and acumen backed by extensive professional expertise.

The appraisal experts at GRIBI Vermarktung AG work objectively toward the latest recognized standards, and are also accredited by major banking institutions.
As a private individual or institutional investor, you obtain the market value appraisal that is customized to your property, as well as advice in all real estate matters. We develop market surveys and compile feasibility studies for new building construction / developments and property conversions / reutilizations.

GRIBI Vermarktung AG also specializes in the formation of condominium ownership bases. We handle preparation of all founding documents as well as covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) and can apply the full thrust of our experience in real estate asset management into an array of joint ownership/condominium associations.

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