Our branch specialises in the administration of jointly-owned properties and condominiums. We take care of the complete management of your jointly-owned property, including technical, administrative, legal and financial matters.
We use the latest digital tools to manage your condominiums, as well as our knowledge of the laws in force in your region.


  • Calling and hosting joint-owner general meetings
  • Recording the minutes and sending them to the joint-owners
  • Correspondence
  • Mediation between joint-owners, if necessary
  • Implementing the decisions made at the general meeting in accordance with the administrative rules and regulations
  • Providing legal support to handle disputes
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  • Maintaining the condition of the building and communal areas
  • Supervising works and planning major refurbishments
  • Handling claims and following up administrative matters with insurance companies
  • Managing permits in the case of major works
  • Managing the caretaking contract and defining the specifications
  • Keeping to and monitoring the budget
  • Managing insurance and maintenance contracts


  • Managing and paying various invoices
  • Managing bank accounts
  • Preparing annual accounts and arranging for them to be audited
  • Preparing joint-owner individual breakdowns according to the legal allocation keys
  • Answering auditors questions
  • Sending new financial statements to joint-owners and chasing up payment
  • Following up litigation cases and the recovery procedure
  • Managing caretakers’ salaries
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