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Do you want to buy or sell a property? We specialise in selling high-return properties and finding new acquisitions for our Swiss, international, institutional and private investor clients throughout Switzerland.

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We start by establishing your profile and understanding your needs and wishes so that we can offer you the investment property that matches your requirements. Moreover, we link together those responsible for the management, architectural design, works and residential sales within the DBS Group so that you can take advantage of the best investment opportunities. Thanks to our strong network built up over many years of business in Switzerland, we can quickly find the property that’s just right for you.

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One of our main aims is to correctly identify all of the possible existing scenarios so as to maximise the return on your property and analyse all of the financial impacts that it may have. This allows you to make the best decisions in line with your goals and requirements. Our experts will help you to obtain the best property valuation of the assets on sale and will provide advice on your property purchase.

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Many factors must be taken into account in order to assess and optimise the value of your property portfolio. This is why our investment property experts assume responsibility for analysing VAT, taxation, tenancy law, easements, compliance with existing regulations, maintenance requirements, energy efficiency and sustainable construction to give you the best possible guidance in order to optimise and add vale to your property and thus achieve the most cost-effective transaction possible.
Submit your enquiries to us now and your future investments are bound to become a source of profitability.

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