Are you looking for investors? For a professional to help you sell your property?

Selling a house or apartment can be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. GRIBI recommends you to entrust your property only to the true real estate professionals who will ensure a smooth and safe procedure.

We look forward to proving our expertise to you!


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GRIBI Vermarktung AG emphasizes diligent training for its team of professionals and has the seal of approval from the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (SMK). This proves the high standards of quality of its services, the conscientious business attitude and reliable expertise, which ultimately benefits each customer.

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GRIBI has an excellent network and maintains its own database of potential clients. Each assignment is executed efficiently and cost-effectively, thanks to ultramodern communication resources. You pay no promotional costs and the commission is assessed based on the commensurate success.

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We guarantee you that the entire sales process is carried out actively and in your interest: from marketing strategy, property staging and presentation, searching for potential buyers, conducting negotiations, to closing the purchase and sale agreement.

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The prerequisite to evaluating real estate is the well-founded knowledge, skills and acumen backed by extensive professional expertise. Thanks to the support of DBS Group’s digitalization strategy and innovation policy, GRIBI brokers are up to date with the best and newest practices of the real estate market. In particular, we are able to evaluate the market value of your property in a very precise and detailed way.

The appraisal experts at GRIBI Vermarktung AG work objectively toward the latest recognized standards, and are also accredited by major banking institutions. As a private individual or institutional investor, you obtain the market value appraisal that is customized to your property, as well as advice in all real estate matters. We develop market surveys and compile feasibility studies for new building construction / developments and property conversions / reutilizations.

Start with an online and free valuation that will provide you with initial reliable results in just a few clicks. Our regional brokers are also available to provide you with more details about the necessary requirements for a successful sale.

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Our internal marketing department is at the disposal of our brokers in order to support them in their daily activities and in the promotion of your property. After having produced beautiful images of your property (photos, drone images, videos, homestaging or virtual tours, for example), we set up digital and offline actions such as sending emailing, publishing campaigns on social networks, highlighting your objects on the main real estate portals, printing flyers, for example. Other actions are also carried out, depending on the needs and the type of object.
Our goal is that your property is sold efficiently and is promoted in the best possible way.

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Your safe way to enjoy living in the 3rd phase of life.

After a certain time, the family home becomes too big, and the desire for a smaller place to call home beckons. With the professional guidance of an experienced, qualified expert, this major step can be implemented safely, with support and gets a little easier to take.

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